NEHU Tura Campus to get a Digital Planetarium

NEHU Tura Campus to get a Digital Planetarium

Meghalaya: Digital planetarium in NEHU Tura Campus to be set up

Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma on Tuesday said that the State Government would establish a digital planetarium in the Tura Campus of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in partnership with the University.
He made the announcement while addressing the gathering as the chief guest during the observance of National Science Day in the presence of former Vice Chancellor, Gauhati University Prof. O. K. Medhi, NEHU Vice Chancellor Prof. S. K.Srivastava, Campus In-charge, Tura, Prof. G. Singaiah, Deputy Commissioner Pravin Bakshi and host of academicians and students.
The Chief Minister said that he was happy to have this partnership with NEHU, adding that the digital planetarium, among other positive stories, would itself be a reason for number of people to visit the place.
Citing examples of how a single university or an institute can transform lives of the people living around it, he also informed the gathering that he has already directed the officials concerned to finalize project papers this year itself for setting up of Engineering College in Shillong and College of Architecture and Urban Planning and Design in Tura.
Stating that agriculture would always be the one thing, Dr. Sangma said he was happy that both the departments of Rural Development & Agricultural Production and Horticulture are there in Tura Campus called upon the University authorities to collaborate with the State Government to optimally leverage upon the huge infrastructure like NEHU for the benefit of the people of the State.
He also spoke of the Government’s initiative of organic plantation of Agar and Bamboo in the State using scientific approach, which would not only bring remunerative returns to the farmers but also help to address the adverse effects of climate change.
“Amazing opportunities can be created when we blend scientific knowledge with what is around us”, he said. He suggested that the University should conduct extensive research on various families of citruses and on the number of untapped herbs in the region since Nokrek Biosphere is known as the gene bank of citruses, while Balpakram is home to a number of medicinal herbs.
The Chief Minister also highlighted on a scientific finding that polluted environment could lead to mental health problems and that even unborn babies when subjected to such environment could grow up to be delinquents. He said that a simple scientific solution to overcrowding in urban centres was to create opportunities for the people in their own backyards and make our towns and villages liveable, adding that policy makers, in particular, should connect themselves to science so that they are able to plan in the best interest of the people.
The Chief Minister while visiting the exhibition stalls put up by various institutions stated that Tura Public School and the Central Agricultural University, Tura would each be given an identified village to be adopted so that they can utilize the knowledge gained by them for development of those villages.
Former VC, Gauhati University, Prof. O.K. Medhi in his address as the guest of honour said that people of the North East region were mostly good in music, drama and arts, but lagging behind in science and stressed the need to attract good students to take up science. He also said that the University can act as a catalyst of change and bring solution to a lot of local problems.
Earlier, NEHU Vice Chancellor Prof. Srivastava said he was happy to partner with the Government in the endeavour to establish digital planetarium and also ensure that Tura Campus gets its due importance. He also stressed the need inculcate scientific temper beyond university campuses and institutions.

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