Mukul Sangma, Not Sole Proprietor of Meghalaya: HNLC

Mukul Sangma, Not Sole Proprietor of Meghalaya: HNLC

The banned Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Thursday claimed that Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma sent feelers to the group for supporting Congress candidates in Khasi and Jaintia Hills during 2018 assembly elections.

“Sangma is left with no option but to approach us,” said HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw, adding, “Chief Minister wanted to bargain with the group over peace talks.”

“We were told that if we want the peace process to start, we should support the Congress in the coming assembly elections, which will make way for him to become CM for another term and once he comes to power, he will definitely take things seriously and start the peace process,” HNLC claimed, adding, “We have already asked government several times in the past to appoint an interlocutor to initiate peace talks but in vain.”

HNLC further cleared that they would rather intensify our struggle than bargain with Mukul Sangma. “In future any feelers sent by the Meghalaya government should be free of any political manipulations. Sangma is not the sole proprietor of Meghalaya. He is only the CM for a specified time frame”.

The HNLC however added that it does not support any political party. “We do not support any political party or its ideologies. But any party which can uplift our people, empower them and bring in developmental activities and projects for the welfare of our people, should carry on their work with honesty and integration.”

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